Making the Cut

By Tom McGinley – @micro_machine_mcginley


Hi, I am Tom, a 32 year old Professional Boxer from Chelmsford, Essex, with a passion for running, gym, football and mostly all sports! I am also a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Nutritional Advisor.

Being a Professional boxer sounds like a great idea. But the reality is it’s probably one of the hardest sporting choices you could ever make. Awake at 4.30am to go and train before work, then again after before finally sitting down to an evening meal, half an hour in front of the TV before an early night ready to repeat the process the next day. Oh what a joyous life!

Running in excess of 20 miles per week. Getting punched In the face while everyone else is still fast asleep, constant injuries, aches and pains. So why do it ? The thrill as you get your arm raised at the end of a gruelling fight in front of your friends and family, a feeling quite like no other. Knowing you have given your absolute all to be in the best physical and mental shape you can be. Now onto the hardest part – the diet!

Having boxed at 6 different weight classes since starting boxing at 22 years old I have learnt a lot about making weight and dieting. My first ever fight was at 64KGs and my most recent was at 55KGs. I have always enjoyed learning about nutrition and in recent years have gained qualifications in Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy. This has helped me massively in my own sport but also I now build custom meal plans for clients which is very satisfying. I have always had a flexible approach to dieting, because I see no point in denying yourself treats. Why would you train so hard then not have any reward at the end of the week?

I stumbled across MMM on Instagram and thought it was probably to good to be true – a high protein cake that takes minutes to prepare and is super tasty? Can’t be right! I was wrong – loved them. I love the flexibility to add whatever toppings I want. If I have earned a real naughty one after a gruelling week then so be it! However, even in fight camp I have used them – combining with fruits and skinny syrups they are still delicious. Be lying if I said I didn’t prefer the chocolate and peanut butter ones though! Give them a try people.. You won’t regret it.

Micro Machine McGinley (Purely coincidental triple M combination!) Legal disclaimer Em had it first

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