New to MyMuscleMug and Macro Tracking

By Rhianne Sampson – @rhi_annes

Hi, I’m Rhianne. I’m 32, a busy mum of two wonderful girls (3 and 2 months), a GP and a fitness fanatic! I live in Cornwall and love everything it has to offer. From walking to sea swimming, hikes, trail running and of course beach days. I live a very active lifestyle and I like to eat a balanced healthy diet (With an excellent amount of chocolate per day that is 😋).

I can’t remember how exactly I came across MyMuscleMug but I know it was through the world of Instagram. I’m sure it was probably one of the amazing pictures that gets posted on their page and by their ambassadors. I mean who isn’t going to get drawn into an incredible looking cake that is described as being low calorie, low fat and low in carbohydrate!

I had recently joined my local CrossFit and was delving deeper into it’s world and the lifestyle it led people to lead. One of those things being a macro led diet.

Now prior to CrossFit I did not track or monitor my intake of food of food types. I just stuck to a recommended calorie intake. But when I started CrossFit and weight lifting I realised I needed to adjust my diet to aid my training. This meant eating enough carbohydrate to fuel my workouts but also enough protein to aid building muscle and strength. It turned out getting enough protein in my diet was challenging!

This is where MyMuscleMug came in to play…..
I have a massive sweet tooth so discovering a cake that was essentially good for me was incredible. Each serving also has 20g plus of protein. So after a workout or a meal I knew I could have one if these, feel like I had had a treat and still be adding to my protein intake for the day. I also wanted to stay lean so having a cake that was low in fat meant I could enjoy it guilt free! (So long as it fitted into my macros for the day)

With MyMuscleMug you can also make them as big or as small as you want. I order the large tubs so sometimes I may just measure out half a portion if I want something sweet mid afternoon to curb a craving. Another amazing thing about these mug cakes is that you can put on as many toppings as you like depending on what mood your in. I regularly post pictures of my creations and try to show how adaptive you can be with them. Sure Instagram is filled with amazing pictures of obscene
cakes and desserts, and yes you could easily cover your muscle mug in all sorts of wonderful goodies to look the same. But you can also keep them clean with a simple spoon full of yoghurt and some berries. It’s the cake itself which tastes amazing so the toppings are just an accompaniment


If all of this sounds too good to be true I’d suggest just give them a go, you won’t be disappointed!



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