MyMuscleMug Oats Mix Taster Pack (x5)


5x Single Serve Pouch (80g)


Introducing our NEW MyMuscleMug Oats Mix, our latest product to join the line up of delicious high protein products we have created especially for you!!


If you can’t decide which to try first then you need this TASTER PACK which contains all 5 of our delicious Oat Mixes! That means you get SPECULOOS, BANOFFEE, JAFFA, APPLE CRUMBLE & CUSTARD and the latest addition to the Oats family… CHERRY BAKEWELL  all for just £9.49!!


So easy to make and versatile, there are two ways to enjoy your oats at any time of day…


For Hot Porridge;


Empty pouch into mug or small bowl, add 100ml boiling water or hot milk and stir well, leave for 1 minute before enjoying your hot and delicious MMM Oats!


Alternatively why not try…


Chilled Overnight Oats;


Empty pouch into mug or small bowl, add 100ml cold milk or water and stir well. Leave overnight in the refrigerator before enjoying your tasty chilled MMM Oats!

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